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[pic] Nobody Knows My Name More Notes of a Native Son, James Baldwin, Dell, First Dell Printing `1963, paperback, 190pp, looks Very Good but with yellowing pages and some cover wear. $5
[pic] Tell Me How Long the Train's Been Gone, James Baldwin, Dell Publishing, 1968, soft cover some use and age (dings on corners, yellowing page, etc but good + overall). $5
[pic] Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Coleridge, Edited w/ intro notes by Alexander S. Twombly, Silver, Burdett and Company, Inner sleeve says Copyright 1897 by Silver, Burdett and Company. Hardcover, Very Good Condition, slight aging of pages, dinged, slightly worn corners of cover, pencil writing of literary terms and vocabulary words found on inner cover and adjacent page in front. Very Special for the collector or as a gift. $25
[pic] The League of Youth and Pillars of Society, Henrik Ibsen, Charles Scribners' Sons, The Collected Works of Henrik Ibsen, Copyrighted Edition Volume VI w/ introduction by William Archer, 1906, hard Cover, Pages show light yellowing, cover shows handling and 1/2" damage to top spine edges, stains on back cover, Good +, $20
[pic] Moby Dick or The Whale, Melville, Oxford University Press, 1938 edition I believe from copyright statement. 676 pp, Very Good Condition, very light page yellowing, some purple crayon inner front cover and adjacent page and one stroke inner back cover and on page 20, some of this could probably be removed, not too heavy and not too much. A nice old edition of a classic hardcover. $15
[pic] Anatomy Descriptive and Topographical in 625 Illustrations, Carl Heizmann M.D. English Edition by Louis Heitzmann M.D., Publisher is stamped over the Medical Publishing Co., Vienna October 1886, All Rights Reserved (that's all it says..), Needs to be rebound, binding is shot, pages are yellowed. Illustrations are astounding and comprehensive of the human body! Over 1,000pp. $125
[pic] The Kennedy Wit, Bill Adler, Citadel Press 6th Printing 1964, hardcover w/ slipcase (tattered around the edges), Collected witicisms of Pres. Kennedy w/ lots of photos, 83pp $15
[pic] A Day In the Life of President Kennedy, Jim Bishop, Random House, Great slipsleeve w/ Jackie Kennedy and kids on front and photo of author w/ Kennedy in White House on back, tattered around the edges. First printing 1964, written date on inside page otherwise very good condition. 109pp. $25
An Unfinished Life, by Robert Dallek John F. Kennedy Biography First Edition: (Columbia, Oxford, UCLA, Boston Univ.) 838pp w/ photos; Hardcover w/ embossed dust jacket VERY Clean condition $10
[pic] November 16, 1963, John F. Kennedy pamphlet, filled w/ photos to commemorate President Kennedy's visit to the firing of the Naval Polaris Missile that was prepared for use against Cuba. Some handling evident but Excellent Condition overall, 15 pages. Rare Historical Document of sorts. $25
[pic] How To Give Sex Instructions, A Guide for Parents, Teachers and Others Responsible for the TRAINING OF YOUNG PEOPLE, P.J. Brickner, S.J., A Queen's Work Publication (Missouri), 1937. WOW! You NEED this guide by this enlightened catholic organization. Some relatively small damage to front and back cover of this paperback 64pp pamphlet. Otherwise Very Good Condition. $20
[pic] Dale Carnegie, How To Stop Worrying and Start Living, Pocket Books Inc., New York, 1961 13th Edition, Softcover, Yellowed, some wear and one very small(1/4") tear near bottom of cover but Very Good otherwise. See Photo. $5
[pic] Ideology and Co-Existence, Moral Re-Armament, (Probably 1959) 32 Page propaganda pamphlet It is brought to you "by fellow-citizens who believe America is in great danger." The opening quote by Admiral William H. Standley, former Ambassador to Russia, says it all. "The choice for America is Moral Re-Armament or Communism." Yellowing but very good condition. Address label on back. VERY Retro! $15
[pic] Drawings of the Masters Cave to Renaissance, Text by Benjamin Rowland, Jr. (Harvard University), Shorewood Publishers , New York (c)1965 Slipcase w/ beautiful Byzantine litho affixed over 141 page hardcover book w/ 188 gorgeous plates ranging from cave drawings through renaissance period work. Prints are B&W, Sepia and Color. Basically like brand new but aged gently. An incredible item and part of a set which totals 12 pieces. Very nice quality. It's really hard to impart the beauty of this book in a short description. $50
[pic] Drawings of the Masters Japanese Drawings from the 17th through 19th century, Text by J.R. Hillier, Shorewood Publishers, New York (c)1965 Slipcase w/ beautiful Japanese drawing litho affixed over 139 page hardcover book w/ 90 gorgeous plates including Itcho, Hokusai, Zeshin, and anyone else who is renown in these eras. Plates are B&W, Sepia and Color. Basically like brand new but aged gently. An incredible item and part of a set which totals 12 pieces. Very nice quality. It's really hard to impart the beauty of this book in a short description. $50
[pic] Drawings of the Masters Persian Masters from the 14th through 19th century, Text by B.W. Robinson (Victoria & Albert Museum, London), Shorewood Publishers, New York (c)1965 Slipcase w/ beautiful Persian litho affixed over 142 page hardcover book w/ 100 gorgeous plates ranging from cave drawings through renaissance period work. Plates are B&W, Sepia and Color. Basically like brand new but aged gently. Pages 137-138 and 139-140 are attached from by a small 11/2" folded section at the top right corner that wasn't cut by the factory machine. An incredible item and part of a set which totals 12 pieces. Very nice quality. It's really hard to impart the beauty of this book in a short description. $50
Drawings of the Masters Spanish Drawings from the 10th to the 19th century, Text by F. J. Sanchez Canton, Shorewood Publishers, New York (c)1964 Slipcase w/ beautiful Spanish Drawing litho affixed over 141 page hardcover book w/ 96 gorgeous plates including, Goya, El Greco and anyone else who is renown in these eras. Plates are B&W, Sepia and Color. Basically like brand new but aged gently. An incredible item and part of a set which totals 12 pieces. Very nice quality. It's really hard to impart the beauty of this book in a short description. $50
[pic] Old World Masters in New World Collections, Esther Singleton, MacMillan Co., 1929 First Issue, 441pp, 111 gorgeous b&w prints, Good to Very Good (binding is a little loose, cloth hardcover is stained, pages look pretty nice, some aging of high quality paper) $50
Sotheby’s Auctions, Important Jewelry, New York, December 10, 1985 auction program,, 263 pp good condition w/ some cover wear $10
Sotheby’s Auctions, Oriental and European Rugs and Carpets, Sale 1333, Tuesday September 11, 1990, auction program, , 170 pp good condition $8
The Story of Painting, Cave Paintings to Modern Times, H.W.Janson & Dora Jane Janson , 164 pp excellent prints of essential historic art, informative narrative w/ attached print on front page of book, good shape, minor yellowing on edges of pages, hardcover w/ dust jacket, dj shows wear $20
Culture / Pop Culture
[pic] Copy That Clicks. Very cool bound brochure that discusses the angles for advertising. Many retro illustrations and ads inside. Nice shape, minor yellowing and wear. $20
Doonesbury Check Your Egos At The Door by Gary Trudeau First Edition, Hardcover, nods...printed on cover...colorful graphic.. 1984/5 by G.B. Trudeau in excellent Condition $20
[pic] Doonesbury, Guilty, Guilty, Guilty!, G.B.Trudeau, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Copyright 1973,1974, First Edition, soft cover, Excelent Condition, $7
Doonesbury: Flashbacks; 25 Years of Doonesbury; GB Trudeau soft cover, 329 pp w/ lots of colorful cartoon panels on every page. Very Clean condition $10
Here At the New Yorker; Brendan Gill ; hardcover w/ dust sleeve; Outstanding literary look at the New Yorker Magazine and its writers, discarded high school book,nice condition w/ cellophane cover and library pocket $20
[pic] Mad Magazine, Boiling Mad, Softcover book, Signet (C)1966, Very good, yellowed pages, perhaps thumbed through but not handled too much. Nice $10
[pic] Mad Magazine, Hopping Mad, Softcover book, Signet (C)1969, Excellent, very slightly yellowed pages, perhaps thumbed through but not handled too much. Great section on LP Cover parodies. Nice $10
[pic] Mad Magazine, Mad's Dave Berg Looks at Our Sick World, Softcover book, Signet (C)1971, Excellent, slightly yellowed pages, looks to have been barely touched Nice $10
[pic] Mad Magazine, The Mad Adventures of Captain Klutz, Softcover book, Signet (C)1967, Excellent, very slightly yellowed pages, looks unopened. Very Nice. $10
The Tastemakers, by Russell Lynnes A Lively and Unconventional History of American Taste, 40 pages of cool pics and very interesting read/premise…who determines what we desire and herald in society?..., 359 pp, discarded high school library book hardcover w/ dj in cellophane library wrap,library pocket, overall good shape $10
Jimmy Buffett, A Pirate Looks at 50 paperback yellowing pages $1
Bob Dylan; Wanted Man in Search of Bob Dylan softcover …nice photos and interviews… Nice condition, shows very minor signs if use $6
Folk Songs; Hawaii Sings by John M. Kelly Jr. A Collection of Songs from Polynesia and Asia for Piano and Voice w/ nice illustrations ex library Very Good $5
Lady Sings the Blues paperback yellow pages, photos $3
John Lennon & Yoko Ono; The Playboy Interviews hardcover with dust sleeve DS is Ok w/ some wear and tear; as is the book…a good read $8
First Edition, 1950 They All Played Ragtime, Rudi Blesh & Harriet Janis hardcover no dj, w/ photo section, cover is a little loose, pages are slightly yellowing, discarded high school library book, w/ library pocket $4
Unforgettable Fire Past, Present and Future The definitive Biography of U2 C1987 hardbound w/ slip cover 319 pgsGood Shape, ds is a little tattered around the edges $6
Vinyl Lives , James P. Goss The Rise and Fall and Resurgence of the American Independent Record Store Paperback, 260pp Read Once, Clean , 1 of 2 price is for both $14 set of 2
Vinyl Lives II , James P. Goss, More Record Stores and Record Collectors, Paperback, 253pp Read Once, Clean price is for set of 2 $14 set of 2
Wynner, A Novel by Mel Torme’ YES…HIM! Discarded library book from the Brooklyn Public Library, hardcover in cellophane library sleeve w/ dust sleeve library cards pouch and stamp on pages spine…Looks unread…pages are very clean…only shows first edition copyright $10
Yakety Yak Midnight Confessions and Revelations of 37 Rock Stars and Legends by Scott Cohen Cohen is founding editor of Spin includes Dylan, Bowie, captain Beefheart, Neil Young, many more 250+ bw photos good with minor wear $4
[pic] Baseball Hall of Fame Stories of Champions, Sam and Beryl Epstein, Scholastic Book Services, 4th Printing 1969, Softcover 80pp, lots of photos, Excellent condition, yellowed pages. $10
[pic] Willie Mays, Mr. Baseball Himself...The Whole Story!, Arnold Hano Tempo Books, Grosset and Dunlap, 3rd Printing 1971 216pp, Excellent Condition, yellowed pages. $5
Hygrade 1991 Catalog & Price Guide of Topps, Donruss, Fleer, Score, Sportflics, Upper Deck and Bowman Baseball Cards; ; every major rookies card is coded Cover wear, Nice condition and very clean inside $10
McGuire and Sosa, Baseball’s Greatest Home Run Story (…or not?!); Pic Book for sports fans and ironic considering the outcome!; Hardcover w/ dust jacket that shows some wear; good inside $12
Michael Jordan; My Story, For the Love of the Game ; ; Hardcover, color photos, glossy pages (here’s a true sports legend/sportsman) (orig. $50) some wear and a scratch on dust sleeve, like new inside, binding is excellent $20
Official Baseball Card Collecting Handbook; Consumer Guide softcover; 82 pages of Color Card Pictorals alone!;(orig $25); Some wear on cover but inside is in very clean condition; no marks, yellowing etc.; $15
Official Baseball Card Price Guide 1991; Hardcover Collector’s Edition; Color throughout; 320pp; Very Good condition; $15
[pic] Official 1974-75 NBA Guide Book, The Sporting News, 416pp plus Official Rules, many photos. Softcover, Excellent Condition. This is a piece than any Basketball Fan would treasure. $25
The Spectacle of Sport, Sports Illustrated Time Magazine 1957, hardcover , 320 pp incredible photos…all color and most large! Don’t miss this if you love sports, Olympics etc. no dj, small stain on front of cover, inside is excellent $10
Discovering The Wonders of Our World, A Guide to Nature’s Scenic Marvels Reader’s Digest…Incredible photos, larger format, hardcover, 456pp PACKED w/ incredible color photos and info/ DJ ..printing on hard cover,like new condition $20
How To; Reference; Repair; Collecting; Technical Guides
Bulova Watch Repair Book Pack 4 pcs a) 1950 Self-Winding Watches, Functioning, Disassembly,Assembly…etc w/ parts index and Illustrations; b) 1952 Catalog of Interchangeable Parts c) 1955 Model 6BPA Lady Bulova Self-Winding Disassembly, Lubrication, Assembly d) September 1955 Bulova Promo …Watch Repair Digest some wear and tear from use on outside..very clean condition inside,some age, gererally clean litho $29
CES Official Directory, Winter Consumer Electronics Show 1988, good condition $10
Clocks In Color by Andrew Nicholls An incredible 1976 (Copyright 1975) First American edition hardcover w/ dust jacket of this book. Combines superb, full-color illustrations with a detailed text and notes to provide a treasury of the most innovative and beautiful clocks from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, France, England, the United States, Japan, and China. Specific examples include the utimate in decorative metalwork, the silver-and-gilt-cased clock by Adriaen Van den Bergh, the magnificent veneer work of Roger Dunster and the eight-day longcase clock that remained essentially unchanged for 150 years. in excellent condition ( scratch indents on back of dj that do not tear the litho) $15
Collecting Coins, by Saul Jacobs , , hardcover w/ dust jacket , BW photos of rare coins... Castle pub. good condition dj is worn, very nice inside $10
Detecting Altered Coins 5th edition by Bert Harsche ; softcover; 48pp very informative w/ photos Nice condition $10
Early American Silver, Martha Gandy Fales, 336 pp collectors book filled with pictures and info, Good condition…some minor wear to corners…top back upper left 1" corner is badly bent/needs tape. $20
High Profits from Rare Coin Investment by Q. David Bowers , , extremely comprehensive on every angle of coin collecting 437 pp, 1991 ed. paperback cover has a few dings but otherwise in very nice condition $10
Hummel, The Complete Collector’s Guide and Iillustrated Reference, by Robert L. Miller and Eric Ehrmann, 1979 Second Edition First Printing, hardcover w/ dust jacket, large format, dj shows wear, book is in nice condition $20
Jack Daniels Wiskey: A Tennessee Legend with a Pictorial of Old Bottles & Jugs..hardcover from 1992 … Jack Daniels Distillery, Excellent overall condition..some wear on lettering; as it is on a rag type cloth cover it looks rustic… $12
Japanese Flower Arrangement Notebook, Patricia Kroh hardcover w/ dust jacket lots of great pics and diagrams covered by cellophane library cover which is on upside down, discarded high school library book w/ pocket, nice condition, looks to be first 1962 edition, $15
The River Café Wine Primer, by Joseph Delissio First Edition, SIGNED, 2000,hardcover w/ dust jacket, very useful and comprehensive,great condition with only minor wear on dj $15
War Depart Technical Manual TM 9-1575 Ordnance Maintenance; Wrist Watches, Pocket Watches, Stop Watches, and Clocks April 6, 1945 , 222pp, soft cover, Come with a letter from 1970 asking to buy a copy from the US Printing office and a note back on that letter saying that this was answered as “permanently out of stock”, incredible illustrations and photos, also included is a Mosley Tri-Duty, Inversion, Friction Jeweling Staking Tool brochure, handwritten notes on restoring a clock and a couple of articles. WOW! yellowing but in sound shape. $30
Politics and History
The Selling of the President 1968, Joe McGinniss ; hardcover w/ dust jacket; has a cool pic of Nixon on a cigarette pack; binding is solid but pages are yellowing and dj is poor $5
Cars and Bikes
[pic] Chilton’s Honda repair and Tune-Up Guide; Ocdee Ritch Performance and Mechanical Specifications…All Models; 1969 5th Printing... lots of photos and diagrams...Motorcycles that is!..Discarded library book, hardcover in cellophane w/ dust sleeve, and stamp on pages spine, pages are very nice! $15
Audio / Electronics
Transistors; Theory and Application by Abraham Coblenz and Harry L. Owens (C)1955 (appears to be a 1st edition as no other copyrights are listed). Very rare early electronics book Hardcover with shredding dust cover, this appears to be a discarded HS library book. Contents are in very good condition w/ some minor yellowing at edges of pages $30
Spy Novels
James Bond Set by Ian Fleming Set of 9 hardcover books w/ dust jackets that are really retro style w/ a Hangun on front,a retro typeface/color design...each has the same picture on the back of Ian Fleming blowing the smoke off a pistol..but with different color filters.. book club editions indicate what must be 1st copyright for the screenplays under Glidrose Productions for example...even though the publisher is McMillan in that case...interestingly there is no other copyright. 9 in all! Casino Royale, Moonraker, Fron Russia With Love, Doctor No, Goldfinger, Thunderball, The Spy Who Loved Me, You Only Live Twice, The Man With The Golden Gun Dust Jackets have good litho, some wear and tattering around some edges. Books are in great shape with only minimal signs of use/age $195
The Spy Who Came In From The Cold by John le Carre Copyright 1963 hardcover no ds, clean condition, some yellowing, binding is sound but shows use, overall very nice $15
Pulp Fiction / Sci Fi / Spy / etc. Paperbacks
Doctor Who 23 book set Includes Target edition paperback Doctor Who numbers 22, 23, 32, 81, 94, 102, 110, 126, 127, 129, 133, 137, 149 also The New Doctor Who, Cats Cradle Warhead, Cats Cradle Times Crucible, Cats Cradle Witchmark, Nightshade, Timewyrm Apocalypse, Birthright, THEN...The Companions of Doctor Who, H-9 and Company; The Terrestrial Index; Doctor Who and The Ice Warriors; Doctor Who And the Masque of Mandragora... 23 really incredible paperbacks in all! All are in excellent shape showing minor yellowing, all litho is very nice on covers $125 set or $10 ea
Movie / TV
Altered States, Paddy Chayefsky First Edition w/ Dust Jacket, hardcover,book is tight and crisp, DJ has wear, tears but not too bad and structurally sound…hardcover has minor wear at corners $10
Herbie Rides Again (Walt Disney Studios) …1974 Herbie the “Love Bug”..Scholastic Books w/ Pics…Paperback nice condition with slight yellowing of pages..tight binding...overall pretty nice for the Disney Fan! $5
Kung Fu (Kwai Chang Caine Master of..) #4. A Praying Mantis Kills, by Howard Lee based on the TV show starring David Carradine (w/ his pic on cover). Yellow pages but in tact paperback $5
Kung Fu (Kwai Chang Caine Master of..) #4. A Praying Mantis Kills, by Howard Lee based on the TV show starring David Carradine (w/ his pic on cover). Yellow pages but in tact paperback $5
The Day of the Jackel by Frederick Forsyth; hardcover with dust jacket, 1972 7th printing... dj shows some wear, binding is intact, pages show light patina, overall very nice $15
The Day of the Jackel by Frederick Forsyth, hardcover with dust jacket, , 1971 Book of the Month…no other dates dj shows significant wear, binding is intact, pages show some patina, overall nice $8
The Deer Hunter, E.M.Corder First Exeter Books edition 1979, , hardcover w/ very colorful dust jacket, dj shows some wear on litho, binding is tight, pages show minor patina $15
The Films of Jane Fonda, by George Haddad-Garcia 254pp, covers her career up to On Golden Pond including tons of cool bw photos from her films such as Barbarella, Barefoot in the Park, The Chapman Report, Fun With Dick and Jane and all the rest, large format softcover and many full page photos..shows wear on cover with nice condition inside $15
The Hunger, Whitley Strieber (author of The Wolfen)…This movie starred David Bowie and Catherine Deneavue as Vampires….Hardcover w/ Dust Jacket …book club edition nice overall condition but DJ has a 1” tear in back top and some minor wear very on top edge $10
The Movies ; The Sixty Year Story of the World of Hollywood and its effect on America, From Pre-Nickelodeon Days to the Present, by Richard Griffith and Arthur Mayer First Printing 1957 Simon and Schuster, , hardcover, large format, 442pp, tons of beautiful BW photos from the greatest films of their day. Pages are pretty nice w/ some minor patina and the cover in the front is coming loose. $30
[pic] Mrs. Frankenstein promo photo, NM in sleeve $6
[pic] Religious Photograph w/ paper frame/holder. Extremely VIVID B&W Photo of 5 children and a priest in front of a crucifix and some plants (see photo). They are in religious attire. Very interesting... from Weitzman's Photo Shop, probably 40's, 50's or 60's (see photo) Excellent Condition $15
[pic] Chemical Warfare Agents poster in old photograph carboard frame/holder. Dated 1941 The Delehanty Institute. Old w/ some minor staining and tears. Mark in lower right corner is only a shadow in the photo. $25
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