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[pic] Carvin PB300 Pro Bass Head 300 Watts @ 2 ohms, Graphic EQ, Special "harmonic circuit", Direct Out, Crossover control, Extensive Parametric EQ, 2 Channels... Excellent condition! $300, pick up only
[pic] Old Tube Suitcase 3 3/4 and 7 ips Reel-to-Reel machine. Concertone 505 Built like a truck. One channel is definitely out and the sticker that was on it suggested that it was disconnected. Case and chrome metal surface is clean and nice. Heads look OK. AS IS. $195 + shipping
Objects d'Arte
[pic] Guatemalan Doll. Very nice. $15
[pic] "Don't Tax Tape Buttons" rare. 1980's movement against record co. greed. $5 each
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